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Bikini Series Prep

Tone It Up's 2016 Bikini Series is HERE! This is my 3rd year participating in it and after looking back through my Instagram account over the past years, I have a crazy burst of energy and motivation swirling around!

Each year Karena and Katrina take this challenge up a notch, always keeping us on our toes and feeling the burn every time we turn on their videos. This year they are launching 10 (!!!) new workouts for the challenge and lemme tell ya, these won't be a cake walk. Last year's Bikini Series was beautifully shot in Mexico and this year they are taking the TIUteam to Turks and Caicos.

I have found that working out to a video with a beautiful ocean in the background really gets my ass up and moving! It's mesmerizing.

This year I decided to purchase the Bikini Series Bundle AND stock up on products I want to use continually through the next 8 weeks. I didn't buy the exercise ball last year and regretted it; there were full routines in the challenge that required the use of one. This year they started incorporating 2 new products to work out with, resistance bands + mini bands, and I had a feeling they were going to be a big part of this massive challenge for summer.

If you don't think you can spend the money on Tone It Up's custom workout gear, I like to check out TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Ross for incredibly affordable items. I purchased all my weights and kettle bells from these stores and maybe spent $30 TOTAL. It's a great deal! You'll have them FOR-E-VERRRRR.

The routines K&K put together utilize a lot of things you won't just have laying around but if you want the best and most rewarding results, you gotta commit to the equipment they recommend using. If this if your first time to do the Bikini Series or first time to do a challenge ever (big high five and air hug comin' your way), here are a few things you might want to invest in to have your best bod for summer!

Come along with me...let me show you my gym...which is in my home ;)

First you're going to need a well stocked fridge + pantry per K&K's grocery list/meal plan:

Nexxxxt you gotta have some Perfect Fit Protein on hand. I love this new formula and it's something you will use everyday in a smoothie, pancake, or FRENCH TOAST HOLY SHIT THEY HAVE FRENCH TOAST THIS YEAAAAAAARRRRRR! (In the meal plan ;) You will also want your Perfect Fit Vitamins which are packed with all the beautiful nutrients your body needs daily, along with some Perfect Fit Tea that taste like the California morning and evening in a cup. I love it. HOW BADASS IS THE LUNCH BOX?! Great quality, insulated, and super roomy. This challenge they have set us up for VICTORY!


As for the workouts, this is everything I will need for the next 8 weeks to get bikini body ready. Tone It Up has changed my mind and body because I can use my own home to achieve all the results I desire. If you're someone who thinks you need to go to the gym or see a trainer in real life because a video off YouTube won't work for you; TRY TONE IT UP. I promise you won't look back. I will switch between 2 kettle bell weights (15lbs + 10lbs), 3 different dumbbell weights (8lbs + 5lbs + 2lbs), and add ankle weights when I really wanna feel that booty burn. Of course I will be adding some BB in this challenge for that extra, deep muscle tightness so ballet slippers are required ;)

Along with all the material things you will need for the challenge, you also need some goals/vision/mindset's moving through the next 8 weeks. You want to trust your first thoughts, feelings, and instincts on what you're looking to accomplish mentally and physically during the challenge. It can be as simple as, "lose weight" "complete every workout" "eat better"; but they can also be deeper like "find peace with myself" "believe I am worth it" "become the person I feel I am on the inside, on the outside". 

This year I am not looking to lose weight so before you see my before photo and start thinking, "Oh God...why is she even doing this challenge, she looks fine..." First, thank you. If you didn't think that well, MY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL AND I'M LEARNING TO LOVE IT, KKKKKKK. Second, this challenge is totally MENTAL for me this round. I have zero expectations of an "ideal body" at the end of the 8 weeks but will definitely use the mindsets K&K speak to us in the videos to achieve a better rear, belly, and all around physique. But...I need to eat better. And be nicer to myself. And live in the present more. And focus on my mental health. Because without all that, I'm learning, you're just a shell with nothing filling you on the inside but the opposite of what you're projecting. I wanna be the total package, baby!

So the final piece to a great Bikini Series: BEFORE PHOTOS! Take photos everyday if it makes you feel better. Take zero photos. DO WHAT FEELS GOOD FOR YOU! It will work, whichever path you choose. Trust yourself.

                                                                  Strike a pose ;)

                                                                  Strike a pose ;)