show up & glow

There's no place like home

New blog name = new post time

Well hell-lloooooooh! 
(Mrs. Doubtfire voice)

It's been awhile! Like 6 months awhile....guuulp..... 
Welcome back to the both of us!
I know I've missed you, I hope you've missed me.
This feels like I should break out into a Mr. Rodgers neighborhood number or something...
Won't you sit my neighbor....

Have you ever felt like you get to a place in your life where you just feel utterly stuck?
As if something needs to change but you can't quite put your finger on it nor does it come right out and tell you, "HAY! IT'S ME, YOUR HAIR! WASH ME! CHANGE ME!" It's more of a shifting, wave effect deep in your gut that hasn't felt stable for a couple days or months, maybe years, and it's just rocking back and forth...waiting for you to come down and see what's shaking...waiting for you to drop your old ways that no longer serve some part of you and is ready to burst into something new....

You start "shedding" these stuck feelings; parts of you that you think are calling to you and it helps for a bit but then another one pops up so you take your time with that bubble and finally start to get to some solid ground, the waves calm a little bit in the belly...but then another wave hits in your gut and you start wondering what the hell is actually going on because 3 steps back you had already handled x,y,z and now for some reason we are back at x and now x has an army of numbers behind him for some God unknown reason and you're like, "wait, wtf, am I back in algebra? Numbers need to stick with numbers and LETTERS TO LETTERS, PLEASE AND THANK YOU."

And then one day you start seeing them all fall into place.
You start to see how x is helping y and how z is now friends with the number 42 for whatever reason and you just shrug and smile and think to yourself, "Well...oh kay then. Guess this is a new normal. Quite possibly my new normal..."
It can feel like being reborn into a world you've already been living in your whole life but didn't want to or was afraid to pull back the curtain.

I have recently learned something so valuable to me that I must remember it every single day. 

We, as human beings on this planet, are built for REALITY. We are not made nor built for a La La Land version of life in which we create in our minds our "perfect" world. We are strong enough, brave enough, and made to be in the reality of what life is. The more we create illusions around aspects of ourselves, our lives, our REAL reality, the harder we fall, break, and become victims to an imaginary world we have created in our minds.

La La Land can be our thoughts about ANYTHING.
It can be a denial of ANYTHING.
It can be a turning a blind eye to ANYTHING.
It can, and is, ANYTHING other than clarity, peace, and love.

When life tugs at us to show up & glow for ourselves and for our lives, we must.

If you're feeling rocky, wavy, or like your feet aren't on the ground, turn TOWARDS whatever your body and mind are trying to tell you and confront it. Confront it with ZERO judgement. Confront it with an OPEN MIND. Confront it with LOVE and feel that love consciously push away whatever is bubbling deep in your belly that want's to be released. 

Meditate on it. Run it out of your system. Take a boxing lesson. Go to the spa and recharge. Spend quality time with someone you love. Browse Barnes and Noble till you're guided to the right book to take home. Take a bath. Color, write, draw, paint. Take your dog for a walk. Make some hot tea. 

Find what brings you back down to this world, plants your feet back on the ground, and do that.
And then show up & glow.