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It's 2017; You Don't Need a Gym to get Fit

whadduppp, my homies?!

I want to ask you a question....

What is your biggest and most common issue when it comes to maintaining some form of a healthy, active life?

Is it the weather where you live?
You don't have access to or can not afford access to a gym?
Are your work hours funky, making you either leaving really early in the morning, returning really late, or vice versa?
Do your kids, pets, loved ones want your attention when you're trying to do something for yourself and you feel guilty as hell when you have to push them away so you just stop doing said thing for yourself because what's the point?

I was the type of girl who just didn't want to work out. I had the time. I don't have children (although later on I found out Oliver (RIP) would become a thorn in my side some workouts). I also had free access to my apartment's gym. NONE of that mattered to me nor did it motivate me to try something new and change myself which I so desperately, deep down, wanted to do.

Then one day I found the beauty of online streaming workouts and it CHANGED MY FREAKING LIFE.

It started with Tone It Up then progressed to Ballet Beautiful and then BBS TV, barre3, Pure Barre on Demand, and a newbie I am so so excited to try, online belly dancing lessons (oh yeah, baby...get your belly chains and finger cymbals out).

If you're stuck in a rut, can't seem to motivate yourself to get out of your house, and have NEVER tried an online workout, KEEP READING.

If you are all about online streaming workouts but are looking for new ones and want to hear about some of my favorites, KEEP READING.

If you're nosey and bored and enjoy my writing, well thank you, I'm blushing...
keep reading as well :)

Online streaming workouts are a game changer, y'all. I will politely say they are the lazy girls dream to getting in shape, losing weight, busting a move, and sweating that good good sweat. The online options we have today are so diverse that you never feel stuck or forced to do a certain one.

There are streaming libraries for EVERYTHING such as:
~ yoga- Yoga with Adriene
~ dancing- Body By Simone 
~ belly dancing- Datura Online
~ girl power- Tone It Up
~ barre inspired- barre3 and purebarre on demand
~ ballet inspired- ballet beautiful

And so many more that I have yet to explore! 

but I want to stress that whatever shape your mind, body, soul are in are in your control. however it looks and feels right now, it can be changed. we are humans who have the ability and free will to CHOOSE how we wish these things to feel, look, and embrace, and if working out has been your achilles heel your whole life it's time to try something new.

online streaming workouts take all those excuses away IN A SECOND.
YouTube takes all those excuses away IN A SECOND.
Anything you can do in the privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home, takes the excuses away INSTANTLY.
Also, no creepy gym bro's watching your every move.

I loved excuses.
I still love excuses especially when I want to take a nap and not do the dishes. 

But excuses or the "why I can'ts" get really....really....reallllllly old.
It creates this weird, nervous energy inside and around us because our inner knowing KNOWS that there are solutions out there. That's how life works, solutions are everywhere, and when we push them down or put an excuse on top of them, our energetic bodies feel restless and annoyed. Like they are screaming at us, "HAY. YOU CAN'T AFFORD A GYM MEMBERSHIP? YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF BED ANY EARLIER? YOU HAVE TOO MUCH ON YOUR PLATE? WHAT ABOUT A 15 MINUTE YOUTUBE VIDEO? OR YOU READ ABOUT THAT BELLY DANCING CLASS, MAYBE YOU'RE INTO THAT?"

I want you to stop pushing down, away, and out of sight your options because, as my dear friend Katy Perry once wrote, "If I'm not evolving, I'm just another robot, Taking up oxygen..."

Evolving feels good. And I can say from first hand experience that had I not evolved in my fitness first, found my online solution to motivate the shit out of me and get rid of my excuses, these other evolutions of myself would have been 10x harder. there is something powerful in taking away your limits when it comes to your physical body and with online streaming workouts, you get to do that any day, any time, as little or as much as you want. 

It's a game changer. 

And if you already participate in online workouts I'm giving you a big high five and a hug because there are just as many pros as their are cons to it. it's HARD to press play in the beginning. it's HARD to keep trying when progress doesn't happen instantaneously like everything else in our 2017 world. it's HARD to push yourself if yourself keeps telling yourself (you following?), "this isn't worth it. this is hard. I can't do this. my body is awful. my arms suck. I hate sweating. this won't pay off."
I will give you that.
It is HARD.

but you know what? you're bigger than HARD. You're strong than HARD. And you're more powerful than you think. 

You know what's a fun way to find out how powerful you are? working out.
finishing reps or not finishing reps.
walking outside or running a mile. 
doing crunches.
cussing at the video.
feeling your muscles burn and activate.

I challenge you this week to hear the excuses you tell yourself and shut them down. 
Show Up & Glow for your health today.
Try something NEW, something you find FUN, and something that makes you SWEAT

If you want to feel powerful and strong, you have to show up for yourself and your body.
You have my word that this is a fact.
Why would I lie to you, my homie?!