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Brain Sabotage

Oh lawd jeezus, y'all ever feel like your Brain sabotages YOU????????

Like when you want to be productive and your Brain is like, "nah brah...we wanna take a nap I think...or get on Instagram...".

Or right when you're about to workout and your Brain fires off, "I DON'T WANNNNNAAAAAA...IT'S GOING TO BE TOO MUCH WORK....REMEMBER LAST TIME? EVERYTHING BURNED AFTERWARDS...LET'S NOT...".

OR when you're trying to cut back on all that processed/sugary food and your Brain chimes in, "'s not even that eat a little bit, maybe more if you're feeling good, and then tomorrow, or maybe next week, we will try harder...."

Oh Brain. You sly devil, you.

How do we combat Brain when he starts sneaking in, sabotaging our positive vibes our heart was just projecting?! It's like, C'MON GUYS WORK TOGETHER AS FRIENDS, MKAY?!

The answer is simple: Follow through with what you were just intuitively feeling before brain has a chance to monitor your happiness.

Ugh, barf, bleh, great, THAT'S the answer? How am I suppose to "FOLLOW THROUGH", JAYLEN?!?!?!?!?!??! My Brain runs this show. I follow it's commands. I trust it because it knows best. He's a steady horse in my lane of life. He will have a FIT if I "follow through"! I will obey him.

First I wanna say, super cute relationship you and Brain have. You're very dedicated and committed to something that's been with you your whole life and I give credit where credit is due. *clapping hands together but with fingers really extended and stretched back almost in an uncomfortable way*

Second, Brain doesn't run the show. I promise. Hear me out. Brain is probably like, "DON'T READ THIS WOMAN'S WORDS, SHE'S EVIL, I'M ALL KNOWING, HAY, COME BACK, STOP READING HER WRITING, ABCDEFGH I WILL SAY THE ALPHABET IJKLMNOP..." Hi, welcome back, I'm still here to tell you again: Brain doesn't run the show.

Brain HELPS us run the show, but he doesn't get to dictate every single thought, detail, feeling, or judgement we run by him. Brain holds all of our past, some of our future, and sometimes our present if he's quiet enough to let us enjoy it. Brain gets bored so easily he will just start saying shit like, "hey...what if your whole family died today? or, like, anyone you love???? what if???????" and you're sitting there in Lululemon responding back, "WELL I HAVEN'T THOUGHT ABOUT IT BUT THANK YOU FOR BRINGING IT UP, I'm going to spend $350 to not think about that shit ever again..."

So when Brain chimes in to sabotage our motivation or forward momentum in an area of our life we deep, deep down desire to change, you need to remember brain doesn't always have the best answers or insights. Brain wants to protect us and if we are choosing to do something Brain doesn't remember we have ever done or feels nervous for your intuition to take over, he will pull out his bag of tricks so fast you'll wake up from a 5 hour nap on a Wednesday afternoon shell shocked and wondering what the hell happened.

This is why follow through is so important and powerful. The second you let Brain say ANYTHING could change the rest of your entire day, or week, or year even. Following through with your intuitive, gut knowing, heart thumping reasoning is the best way to deflect a worrisome mind. There will feel like a wall is moving mechanically with you as you gear up to follow through with whatever just brought you a flutter of inspiration, hope, love, and for moments after you start said activity. Brain is the wall. Brain in the moment is yelling something at you you're either going to listen to or ignore and if you ignore it, oh buddy, Brain is gonna get M-A-D and push that imaginary wall harder, deeper, and longer.

Then...he stops.

Once you're in it, the thing he was resisting, your mind/heart/body/whatever takes over and moves WITHOUT thought to the next task at hand, busting bricks without even knowing it. You realize the bricks are busted and you didn't let brain sabotage you when PEACE falls over your heart. A sense of power sweeps through your whole body and a freedom surrounds you where this wall was building. 

It's quite beautiful, really, what our soul and bodies can do when we allow them to make the calls instead of Brain.

So going into this week, be mindful of your "gremlins" ie. "your Brain", when it gets bored. Or scared. Or happy. Or angry. Or quiet. Or excited. Or any number of things we can think/feel and watch which road you choose to follow forward. You'll know by the end of the day if you trusted your Brain or your intuition more. Be mindful of all feelings that arise when you're binge watching any number of shows we always have going at once. Do you feel peaceful or restless? Is brain still talking or is he quiet? 

My brain wanted to take a nap instead of write this blog post.
Not today brain. Not today.