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Exciting News: I became a Dirty Blondes Ambassador

Dirty Blondes is a t-shirt company based here in Dallas owned by one of my longest Dallas friend's, Lindsay, and her friend, Krystle.

Lindsay and I met right after I graduated from hair school and we were both hired to opened up the 2nd location to The Boardroom Men's Salon together in Dallas. Lindsay has always had an impeccable style and love for all things designer/high fashion. She is someone I would take any and all hand-me-downs from IN A HEART BEAT (you hear me, Lindsay? I'll even come pick it up at your home and make it that much easier ;). From Louboutin to Louis Vuitton, Gucci to Lululemon, Lindsay knows what she likes and wear's her clothes, shoes, and bags with pride.

As fashion should be worn...

When I saw Lindsay started her own t-shirt company I couldn't have been happier for her. While we both enjoyed doing hair and are hella good at our trade, we both have never seen hair as our forever "thing". I didn't know exactly what Lindsay had in mind, but over the last 2 years I saw her start taking classes to teach yoga and I thought that was her next step and way out of the the hair world. 

Lindsay and Krystle have taken their love of fashion, girl power, and yoga to their new company and it is oh so stylish, comfortable, and functional for all areas of your life! Their "Love Is Dope" line is even more special for the company as 20% of the proceeds of the line get donated to the Genesis Women's Shelter.

I have worn Dirty Blondes tanks running, out to dinner or a party, tackling errands on my day off... The styles are so eye catching and beautiful I always get asked where I purchase them. The quality of the t-shirts/tanks are luxurious (TRULY. DON'T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT!) and hold up in the wash (my biggest test of all workout attire). I hang dry most of my shirts anyway and I would recommend this is the best way to maintain the integrity of your Dirty Blondes tee; one accidental toss in the dryer could shrink up ANY piece of workout clothes!

I am eager to work with this company and empower the fun, free spirited clientele this brand caters to. The shirts are truly top notch quality and fit so seamlessly. I have ordered tanks from other "ambassador" program companies and the shirts were nothing like what I expected. They were either see through, shrunk in the wash, or the sizes were terribly off.

Not Dirty Blondes though! 

Lindsay generously donated a tank and water bottle for an Instagram giveaway I am a part of and in turn invited me to become an ambassador for her brand. I was shocked and honored and grateful and EXCITEDDDDD because I have never been asked to be a part of any company before! For those unfamiliar with my Instagram fitness account, @tiujquinn, I'm sitting close to 8,500 friends/supports/tiugirls engaging on my account with me daily. The TIU community is a big part of my life and that account reaches a big number of girls looking for help, answers, inspiration, and overall connection with someone they have similar interests in or see themselves in. I am so excited to be sharing this company and to continue motivating and inspiring other girls to just get out there and live their freaking lives, whatever that looks like.

If you like what you see in this post and at you can receive 20% off your purchase with my personal discount code: Jaylen20

My shirts are all an X-SMALL pictured below, but I think I would bounce up to a SMALL for any shirts moving forward. They are form fitting, super soft, and move great/stay in place with whatever you're doing that day.

I guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase and if you're not? Well, I'm sure Lindsay and Krystle will take care of that for you :) Enjoy!

For more on Dirty Blondes, follow their Facebook page: or their Instagram account: @ShopDirtyBlondes <3