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What to Expect from the TIU Tour


Hello beautiful lady coming to read this post!

I had the pleasure of volunteering at this year's TIU Tour with my sister at their Dallas stop.

Our duty for the day was manning the sunscreen and protein bar booth that greeted all the girls coming in. We were under VERY STRICT (exaggeration) orders to only allow ONE TIU Protein Bar per girl and NO EXCEPTIONS (again exaggeration but we took this VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY). Everyone followed the rules, grabbed their bar, lathered up on sunscreen, and enjoyed their day.


If you are attending the Tour get there at LEAST an hour early to get in line. No joke. Once the checkin is complete girls bum-rush the workout area throwing mats down left and right to get the best spot possible, up close and personal to the stage. If you do not care about where you sit, show up whenever you want, hunny boo boo. There will be plenty of grass left for ya!


If you're looking to score some TIU Tour apparel you gotta get to that booth quick. The items that I saw leave the fastest were the official Tour shirts that have the dates on the back and TIU TOUR on the front. Jourdain and I snagged one at the beginning and were so happy we did. Within 2 hours they were all gone! By the end of the day there were still items to buy from sunglasses, workout balls, jackets, workout bras and pants, but in limited sizes and limited options. 

The braid bar is the most popular booth at the Tour. Literally the line started at 11am and was still crankin' out braids at 4pm when we left. So if you're looking to get your locks twisted and knotted you gotta wait! But if you're not really into the yoga or Jillian Michaels workout then waiting for a braid ain't the end of the world.

There is also a massage bar, bracelet making station, and intention wall to check out. My sister and I wrote intentions on the wall at the end of the day and it is really cool seeing everyone else's. Also ladies, if you notice intentions have fallen off the wall, pick them up and place them back on there for the girls who have no idea their intention is floating away in the wind. It's just a bad look when you're writing, "I want to be a better friend!" and then you walk over 5 other intentions on the ground to stick yours to the board. Help a sista out! 


At this particular stop we had a tent set up with salads, wraps, and protein boxes for lunch. These boxes cost between $8-10 and I'm not sure if they're included in your VIP ticket or not (definitely not included in the General Admission ticket). So any girl attending with either ticket, make sure you pack some cash so you're not passing out on the field during these workouts. And remember, ONE PROTEIN BAR PER PERSON! ;) That one bar will not hold you all day, I promise you.

You are going to put in some work with the Jillian Michaels set so be prepared to pass out.

Just kidding, no one passes out, but I felt like I could have just hearing and watching everyone go at it. You will get a good workout, I'll tell ya that much!

The workout with K&K was really fun, really hot, really energetic, and really worth it. If you did not attend a TIU Retreat and have never worked out in real life with Karena and Katrina you are in for a real treat! You think their energy and motivation is high in their videos? You ain't seen nothing yet, sweet thang! It also takes a minute to process you're about to do a live workout with two women you've grown to know and love through your phone and YouTube and now you're seeing them IN REAL LIFE ON A STAGE crunching, squatting, and sweating right there with you. 

If you're a fangirl of TIU, this workout makes the whole day worth it.

Once the workout wraps up the Rosé Garden opens up and honestly, do not feel the need to race there unless you absolutely need a seat or have a hankering for free rosé ASAP. First come doesn't necessarily mean first served when meeting K&K in the garden of spirits. You get your hand stamped with one of maybe...15? different stamp names and they will be called at random to meet Karena and Katrina when they come out. I think our name on the board of names was in the middle of the list and we were one of the last groups to go in, and that's fine too! You will get your time to meet them!

But it will fly by as fast as a double tap on an Instagram photo.

At the Tour they have everything down to a T from the schedule, to event precision, water supply, and the meet and greet. However, if this is your first time meeting Karena and Katrina and you're excited to tell them how much they mean to you, changed your life, and have made you a better woman you better start saying all of that as soon as your foot hits that tent opening because you have about 10 seconds from start to finish with them. I, totally understand this and why they do it. But for someone paying $200+ for a ticket you might feel (so much pun intended) short changed. 

I had a great exchange with Katrina and knew what I wanted to say when I entered the tent that would be straight to the point and meaningful. 


The energy and girls you will meet throughout your day are what make this Tour so special. One more HUGE piece of advice if you're attending this second half of the tour, is to be KIND to every single person you're around. Say hi first to the girl you put your yoga mat by. Talk to the girls in line waiting to get their hair braided with you. Engage with a stranger in the Rosé Garden. This is something I did not do when I went to the first TIU Retreat 3 years ago and regretted it big time.

So this round I made an effort to engage, acknowledge, and talk to other girls, as well as just freaking showing up and glowing like every Tone It Up girl DOES! You will have the best time if you choose to do the same :)

xoxo Jaylen